19 June 2011: 6 months in LOVE with you

You, Me and the Flower

It has been six months since our first meet. I still remember everything that happened in that day, our first date. The letter, my words at the movie, Sudoku, and even a piece of tissue. Do you still remember it? Please, say remember it too. I was so happy at that day. I was on date! And you are my first date, honey.

6 months. That’s all the time we’ve spent together. Many things happened. Good and bad. Happy and sad. I am thankful that we still together in relationship until this day. The orange rose that i gave to you 3 days ago, that reflected my will to know you more, honey. Not only the positive side, but also the negative side. That was my first flower to a woman. And the woman is you. Hope you glad accepting my little gift. Remember, as you said, the flower is in our heart now. We have to take care of it.

I am very thankful to GOD for HE gives us a chance to meet, to know, and to love each other. Also i am very grateful for the second chance that HE has given to us. Let us put our love in HIS hand. Let HIM lead our way and relationship.

We’ve been together and we’ll still be together. To know, to love, to smile, to support each other more. I LOVE YOU more, honey.


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