If we have been able to popularize “Rendang”, why not with “Komodo”?

Last time, with our social networking power, we have popularized one of our traditional food, named “Rendang”. See the picture below.

picture has been taken from kaskus

Now, this time, as Indonesia Lovers, we have been called once again to save one of our natural treasures and popularize it all over the world as one of new seven wonders. Let’s vote Komodo.

This picture below has cropped from the new7wonders of nature website. You can see that the vote status for Komodo has grown slower. We left behind, guys! C’mon!

For you that haven’t known how to vote, I will tell you how. Just send SMS to 9818 with this format (type):  KOMODO. The charge for the sms just Rp 1/sms only! The vote will be closed on 11 November 2011. So, don’t wait anymore.

Could you imagine if everyone send at least 10 SMS everyday, and assume that there will be 10% of  our population participate to vote each day, there will be: 10 x 10% x 240million = 240 million vote every day!

We have a huge population. We have a huge mobile phone user. Last but not least, of course we love Indonesia very much, don’t we? With these reasons, we have no reason to lose. So, let’s do it! Let’s make it as a national movement!



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