The Ultimate Gift

The story begins with the death of Red Steven, a very rich man who own several business. The family attorney, Ted Hamilton, and his secretary, Miss Hastings, read Red Steven’s will that has been defined before his death. Jason Steven, the grandson, thought that his inheritance was going to be the gift of money and lots of it just like the others. He was wrong. While the others had got their inheritance directly (company and money), his inheritance came with a condition. In order to get his share of willed inheritance, Jason must complete twelve missions within a year. One mission in a month must be completed. Each mission is about “gift”. Gift of work, money, learning, friends, problem, family and love are among the dozen that Jason must do and experience before he is eligible to receive the mysterious “Ultimate Gift” that has been prepared by his granddad for him, the gift that will change himself into a better and more mature person than before. During his trials and tribulations, Ted Hamilton and Miss Hastings attempt to guide Jason along the path his granddad wants him to travel.

I’ve heard about “The Ultimate Gift” movie before, but I didn’t know that this movie was adapted from a Jim Stovall’s best-selling novel with the same title. I bought this novel for Rp 7000. Very cheap because I got big discount. Seems that the novel hasn’t had a good sale at that book store. But, I am so grateful for I can get it with a cheap price, because I’ve got many valuable things from this novel. This novel is very interesting so that I just finished it in less than half-day.

Like what has been happened to Jason, the main character in the story, we will get a new paradigm and right understanding about life, our life and its relation with other’s life. Furthermore, if we go deep into the meaning of each gift and try to actualize it in our life, we can be a better and more mature person as well.

The paragraphs I like most from the novel is (translated from Indonesian version novel):

“… Learning is a process. You can’t just sit down in your classroom and one day you will leave it behind with a degree certificate in your hand and say that you are educated. I believe that the reason why the graduation ceremony is called commencement (the beginning of something) is because learning process is started–or begun–at that time. Education that was experienced before is just a tool or a framework for the real learning which will come soon.” 


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