I wish i could be …

There was once a stone cutter who was dissatisfied with himself and with his position in life. One day he passed a wealthy merchant's house. Through the open gateway, he saw many fine possessions and important visitors. "How powerful that merchant must be!" thought the stone cutter. He became very envious and wished that he... Continue Reading →


When the spiritual teacher and his disciples began their evening meditation, the cat who lived in the monastery made such noise that it distracted them. So the teacher ordered that the cat be tied up during the evening practice. Years later, when the teacher died, the cat continued to be tied up during the meditation... Continue Reading →

No More Questions

Upon meeting a Zen master at a social event, a psychiatrist decided to ask him a question that had been in his mind. "Excatly how do you help people?" he inquired. "I get the where they can't ask any more questions," the Master answered. Meaning: Simply: An Enlightened person is not the one who know... Continue Reading →

What is Ego?

The Prime Minister or the Tang Dynasty was a national hero for his success as both a statesman and military leader. But despite his fame, powerm and wealth, he considered himself a humble and devout Buddhist. Often he visited his favorite Zen master to study under him, and they seemed to get along very well.... Continue Reading →

Four Monks

Four monks decided to meditate silently without speaking for two weeks. By nightfall on the first day, the candle began to flicker and then went out. The first monk said, "Oh, no! The candle is out." The second monk said, "Aren't we not suppose to talk?" The third monk said, "Why must you two break... Continue Reading →


During a momentous battle, a Japanese general decided to attack even though his army was greatly outnumbered. He was confident they would win, but his men were filled with doubt. On the way to the battle, they stopped at a religious shrine. After praying with the men, the general took out a coin and said,... Continue Reading →

The Bell Teacher

A new student approached the Zen master and asked how he should prepare himself for his training. "Think of me a bell," the master explained. "Give me a soft tip, and you will get a tiny ping. Strike hard, and you'll receive a loud, resounding peal." Meaning: Here the Teacher wants to convey a message... Continue Reading →

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